May 2018 Net Worth Update ($20,481)

Highlights for May

  • In May we closed on some long term financing (5.375% 30 yr fixed) for our rentals that we used to pay off our equity line and reloaded our cash for the next acquisition.
  • Ive started looking for another rental property, but its a very tough market and none of our bids went very far.
  • Our taxable stock holdings (where most of our active investments are) had some outsized gains.
  • I spent ~$650 in car repairs & registration fees to fix a fuel sensor so my car would pass inspection and I could renew my tags.
    This was our first significant repair for a car we purchased in 2009.
  • Our spending remains elevated and I don't really understand why. We are busy, and I recognize that costs more money. Our kids are also engaging in more extracurricular activities and that adds up....summer camp, swim lessons, club fees, uniforms, sports equipment, gas. At some point I want to focus on reducing expenses but not currently my priority these days as long as we feel like we are making progress on our overall goals.
  • Otherwise a pretty quiet month.

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