January 2017 Net Worth Update (+$12,144)

Highlights for January

  • We started off the year playing catch-up from 2016 We paid our annual real estate taxes on 2 properties in the beginning of January. We also had a large chunk of our holiday spending hit our balance sheets in January.
  • In January I had my longest flight travel ever - a business trip from US to India via Hong Kong. The extended travel time wasn't as bad as I had expected, although I spent more time traveling than I did in India. I wouldn't mind getting the chance to spend more time in India in the future.
  • We paid our annual auto insurance premiums (~$1k) this month. We currently use Erie Insurance and tempted to start shopping around again for a better deal, but maybe next year.
  • January was a pretty quite month otherwise. My wife and I started discussing vacation plans for 2017, but nothing definitive. It will be hard to top the 3 international trips we took in 2016.

December 2016 Net Worth Update (+$19,452)

Highlights for December

  • Im far behind with updates on the blog for the past several months. Playing catch-up.
  • We closed 2016 with a nice gain offsetting increased spending. Our net worth rose $170,147 in 2016 still comfortably ahead of our financial freedom benchmark, but the next couple years will be key.
  • In December I completed and received a $500 credit card bonus offer and also signed up again for Barclays travel card bonus promotion in anticipation of vacation travel in 2017.
  • Business travel continued with additional trips to Mexico and Hungary in December. As I've mentioned before these days my personal expenses run higher with business travel so I am still looking for techniques to minimize/eliminate the impact. On the plus side I still accrue significant frequent flyer benefits so its not all negative.
  • In December we purchased $2,700 worth of Target gift cards with a promotion discounting the gift cards by 10%. We do the majority of our shopping at a Super Target close to our home so we expect to consume those gift cards within 6-9 months without any alterations to our spending habits.
  • Spending was up significant in December with holiday gift giving.

August 2016 Net Worth Update (+$27,077)

Highlights for August

  • Our net worth hit $1.5M for the first time in August. It took 43 months to growth $500,000 since January 2013 when our net worth first crossed $1M to get here.
  • I signed up for a US Bank Business Edge credit card offer I received in the mail in August. The card offered a $500 bonus after spending $4,500 in the first 90 days.
  • I had business trips to both Mexico and China this month. I miss the days when I came out ahead on business trips, but these days my expenses run higher with business travel so I am not as nearly excited about the travel.
  • Our net worth in August had a nice pop driven significantly by our large investment holding in Genworth Financial as its our 2nd largest individual stock holding. The very volatile stock nearly doubled in the month of August alone. We have also seen the stock fall by nearly 1/2 in previous months so we will see if the momentum continues.

July 2016 Net Worth Update (+$33,703)

Highlights for July

  • July was a much quieter month for us as we returned from our overseas trip from Vienna early in the month and stayed home for the rest of the month.
  • After turning the keys over in June on our 3rd rental property, our new property manager found a tenant after about 5 weeks. We are off to a slow start, but we'll see how it goes as I've heard that is atypical performance for this property manager. On the plus side I am warming up to the idea of getting hands off with the property management and reducing my workload.
  • Our net worth had a nice bounce this month as we closed in on hitting $1.5M net worth thanks in large part to a nice uptick in stock market valuations.

June 2016 Net Worth update (+7,831)

Highlights for June

  • June has been a busy month for us, a Carpe Diem kind of month to me. Overall spending has been up as we try to make the most of summer.
  • I handed the keys over to a property manager on June 6th for one of our recently vacated rental properties.We will see how long it takes to get up and running. Im hoping in 3-4 weeks it will be rented and income flowing. For now we are going to be taking an upfront income hit in June/July as we transition.
  • Our annual corporate bonuses were paid out in June which helped with some of our cash growth.
  • In the beginning of June I took the family on a weekend road trip to visit my alma mater (VA Tech) using some hotel points. Family had a good time hiking to a local waterfall and enjoying some of the local college dives.
  • I spent the last 2 weeks of June on a business trip in Europe and flew my wife out on airline miles to meet me at the end of the trip to spend 5 days in Vienna, Austria. My in-laws have agreed to watch our kids while we are away which has been an amazing gift for us. I was hoping Brexit might have helped us more, but its still not inexpensive in Vienna. Overall we have had a great trip and would love to go back sometime.

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