May 31, 2010

Recent Credit Card Promotions

While the 0% balance transfer offers from credit cards with no transfer fees appear to be a thing of the past for me, I have recent started to see some offers/promotions on my existing credit cards that have got me...
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April 23, 2007

Late on a 0% Balance Transfer Payment

Well I blew it. The other evening I was reviewing my checking account and suddenly noticed I hadn't made a payment to my Citi Card balance transfer account in 30 days. I quickly logged into my account and realized I...
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January 11, 2007

0% Balance Transfers with Balance Transfer Fees

Well I bit again. I was going through my mail and noticed an offer for a 0% Balance Transfer from my existing Bank of America Credit Card (which I had only opened for a prior 0% balance transfer and haven't...
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November 8, 2006

Completed 3rd Balance Transfer for a total of $48,000 0% APR

Since I have no plans to borrow money in the next year, I decided to capitalize on my credit score to boost my income. I have already signed up for a $13,000 Capital One balance transfer and a $26,500 Citi...
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