October 28, 2007

Merger is Complete!

Well its been a hectic couple of weeks, but everything has come together. My wife and I had a wonderful wedding and we were lucky enough to have many of our close friends and family celebrate with us. The spending...
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July 23, 2007

PreMarital Financial Counseling

As part of our wedding planning, we have been meeting with a minister for premartial counseling. While some folks probably cringe at this -- I have found it very useful and I think both of us have gotten a lot...
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July 10, 2007

Creating Wedding Registries

My fiancee and I have very different views on creating gift registries for our wedding. My fiancee has the much more traditional view - enjoy your opportunity to get swept up in the "money is no object" experience and scan...
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June 20, 2007

We Are Not Going to Be A Smart Couple Finishing Rich

My fiancee and I have officially put on hold our reading of Smart Couples Finish Rich. Its disappointing - I had such high hopes that this endeavor was going to put us on the right track as we started off...
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