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2million is moving.... (Sep 13, 2006) 2million is moving to www.2millionblog.com I finally bit the bullet and have setup some permanent space for 2millionblog. Unlike many of my peers, I loved using blogger and had planned on continuing to use it for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately,...

Exchanging Personal Finance Blog Links (May 12, 2006) I have been lazy in keeping up with the blogroll on 2million. If your interested in exchanging blog links make sure you drop me an email @ 2millionblog@gmail.com. As long as your blog is slightly related to personal finance I'm...

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DATE: 11:27 PM
I've been reading your blog regularly for a while now and this indexing is a great idea. You did a great job here!

DATE: 1:18 AM
First time postMy advice for your stock investing:Open up an account with buyandhold.comThen purchase these stocks on a regular basis and reinvest all the dividends forever:KO (coke)BUDDEOThese are companies that will be around in some shape or form for at least 100 years

You may really like the author Thomas Stanley, his books about Millionaires are pretty revealing. Yours-Brian

We have been renting our home in 2006 while on a temporary assignment overseas. We will return to our home in 2008. We are unsure if we can still deduct mortgage interest as a personal deduction or must we now include it as deduction against the rental income.

Hey, this looks great! I'm not sure I've got the guts to put my financial worth out there on a monthly basis. Let me think about that... It does give some very basic validity to your character, and the integrity of your intentions!

I will be reading more in depth. However, at the current moment my drive is still to develop a personal home-based Internet business. Once that is generating cash, then discussions of various forms of investment will be very relevant!

You have 2 years of history here! This site will be a treasure trove of great info when my spending habits + earning habits generate a bit of positive cash.

re: credit card refund, ccfsettlement.com - of the different types of travel that one can select if one chooses Option 2 (Total Estimation Refund), which will pay the highest refund? effectively, which type of travel has the highest expected expenditure? (busieess, leisure, visiting friends, or other)

Your bro told me about your site. Love it! Just converted my house to a rental prop, so lot's of good info. Thanks!

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