January 25, 2014

2013 Passive Income: Dividends

Here is a summary of our 2013 dividend income. This passive income comes from our taxable stock portfolio that is included in our monthly investment reviews. All retirement investment holdings are excluded from this dividend income summary. This passive income...
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November 29, 2007

Dividend Income Growth

I have started pulling together our dividend income for 2007 although a number of investments still have dividend payments remaining in December. Incomplete 2007 Dividend Income  Company Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total Pepco $ 5.26 $ 5.30 $ 5.35  ...
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November 26, 2007

Annual Dividend Hikes

In the beginning of the year, I reviewed my 2006 passive income, mainly from dividend paying stocks I own. Here is the same list of companies with any quarterly dividend hikes seen in 2007:   2005 Dividend 2006 Dividend 2007...
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November 7, 2006

How Do You Invest In A DRIP?

Ok so your interested in DRIPs - sounds like it might be a cheaper way to buy investments. Here my advice on how to make them work for you. What are DRIPs? 1) Don't invest in a DRIP; figure out...
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November 3, 2006

DRIP Agent Companies

Most company sponsored DRIPs are administered by just a handful of investor services companies. If you want to get a quick glance at what kinds of companies offer these plans, each company's web site has a list of all the...
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October 27, 2006

What are DRIPs?

DRIPs? They are Dividend ReInvestment Plans - accounts usually sponsored by publicly traded companies to promote long term stock ownership. DRIPs often offer lower ownership costs for long term stockholders, however it totally depends on the plan. Each company offers...
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October 26, 2006

Transferring Merck Shares to Sharebuilder

As I have mentioned before, I have an investment in Merck. At the time I thought the shares were undervalued and felt the 5% dividend payment was too tempting not to invest. I opened a Merck DRIP and my investment...
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October 11, 2005

List of Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)

I noticed that netstockdirect.com was purchased by ShareBuilder earlier this year and as a result there is no easy way to find a 3rd party list of DRIPs. I have started my own and will continue to update it -...
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October 8, 2005

Sent $250 to my Duke Energy DRIP

After doing some homework I thought it was time again to start investing in Duke Energy. Some highlights that led to this are:-I noticed the other day that Duke Energy was rated a 'Strong Buy' in the S&P stock report.-Dividend...
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October 7, 2005

Investing in Merck? Should you consider ShareBuilder?

I have recently been expanding my investment position for Merck. I have been participating in the Merck DRIP for a few years and it is one of my least favorite DRIPs because of the unfavorable fee structure.I have heard of...
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September 7, 2005

List of DRIPs I participate in

Here is a quick list of DRIPs I currently participate in:DRIPEst. Value% Bellsouth$38006.73%CMS Energy$9001.59%ChevronTexaco$7001.24%Duke Energy$21003.72%Edison International$5000.88%ExxonMobil$28004.96%General Electric$28004.96%IBM$2570045.49%Lowes$9001.59%Medco$1000.17%Merck$37006.55%Medtronic$36006.37%Pepco Energy$4000.71%Pfizer$1080019.12%Proctor & Gamble$16002.83%Total$56500I will slowly add posts to give some rational for each of these investments. All of them reinvest their dividends except...
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September 5, 2005

My DRIP Strategy

My DRIP strategy is pretty simple, not necessarily smart.I take savings monthly and simply direct them to DRIPs that usually meet 2 criteria:1) are "under water" and2) still look like reasonably attractive investmentsI don't always do this but as a...
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