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About Me (Brian a.k.a. 2million):
I am a 40 yr old engineering manager @ Lenovo and live in Raleigh, NC. I started this weblog to track my journey to financial freedom. I got engaged in August 2006, married in October 2007, spent 2 years in China, had our first child in May 2009 and our second in September 2012. You can learn more about my $2 million goal here and check on my latest net worth status here.

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The quickest way to reach me is via email at 2millionblog@gmail.com.

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Updated: July 2011

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Hi, I just started my own personal finance blog where I track my progress to my first million by 30. Would you like to trade links?

Hi 2million,

I'm a fan of your site. Congrats on your wedding. I have a question about your advertising income. How much do you charge your advertisers, such as the ones under Personal Finance Links, and how do you find them?

Also, I think you should consider investing in Medtronics. You're buying their products and if you believe in their products, you would believe in the company.

hello 2 million, i really like your blog. it's one of the few blog i follow in consistent basis. it's quite exciting to see every month your networth increasing! I know you can reach 2million goal.
i'm also starting my own blog about wealth, it'd be my honor if i can swap link with you. I've already add 2millionblog to my blog, please take a look and let me know. thank you and wish you success.

Great blog. Enjoyed the information
Success to you Goal.

Hi Brian, Nice site. I'm on the same road, but getting there without any leverage. I'm 36 and have about $410k in cash and stocks and own 1 $300k home outright. I chose to eliminate debt and let my money work for me rather than paying any financing costs. I also increased my networth by about $20k in December 2010 through investment appreciation.

I have been checking in on you every few months for the past couple years. Congratulations on your progress.
1) In making your monthly assumptions, have you checked the current value of your real estate holdings through Zillow or by some other means? I'm in FL and I have taken a huge hit because of price deterioration. I've pulled my head out of the sand about it recently and now plan based on real current values, not what used to be.
2) Are you still comfortable that 2M will be enough to be "done," or at least match your current lifestyle for an extended period of time? After reading a book called "The Number" My own number lost much of it's confidence.
I'de be interested and appreciative to hear your thoughts on the above points.


Thanks for reading. Current Zillow value as of 2/2011 for our properties are $196k, $132k, $291k. As for the goal I realized a while back that there is no point in "sweating" over whether the goal is good enough until - regardless I still need to get to $2M. Once I get there I'll need to reassess and maybe set another goal if I don't think it will be enough.

I really enjoy reading your blog and have a question. Since you have multiple rental properties, did you create an llc or a trust? I also live in Raleigh and would really appreciate any advice.

Good question - I don't yet have any structure in place for my rental properties to shield liability, etc. I've thought about it, but have not let that slow me down so far. I'm sure eventually I will do something, but its currently not a focus area for me.

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A personal finance weblog of my journey to reach my goal of $2 million + the value of my primary residence.
Current Net Worth: $1,938,393


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