Merger is Complete!

Well its been a hectic couple of weeks, but everything has come together. My wife and I had a wonderful wedding and we were lucky enough to have many of our close friends and family celebrate with us. The spending went a little crazy towards the end, but I'll assess the damage later and any lessons learned.

We also had a great, but short honeymoon in Hawaii. I had read enough to know it that everything was expensive, but I was still shocked at how quickly the expenses rang up while we were there. In the end we enjoyed it, but I am not sure we would go back with so many more places in the world to see that are much cheaper to visit.

My wife and I just arrived back in China and we are still getting settled in. So far things are great and I am really eager to dig back into our finances once she gets adjusted. Now that there is a whole new set of accounts, mortgages, assets and liabilities that need to be integrated and optimized together with my existing setup there is a bunch of work to do. I am excited about the prospects of bringing it all together and wringing out significant savings and additional returns to improve our net worth.

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congrats on the wedding.

It would be great for you to do a "cheap things to do in Hawaii" or something on how to save money there. I'm planning my first trip and would love to hear some cost saving tips.

Now it's time for all those synergies to come together. Enjoy the married life...and watch out for the marriage tax penalty.



congratulations - i trust that you would not plan to rename the blog to 4millionblog now, would you? ;-)

- s.b.

2Mil, congratulations on the wedding. Maybe soon there will be a little 2Mil or 3Mil to add to your family in the near future.

I am looking foward to your new balance sheet with the combined net worth. Good luck.

woo-hoo!! congrats!!! yup, Hawaii is very, very expensive. I prefer Mexico; even the touristy places in Mexico are way more interesting (to me) than Hawaii. Hawaii is nice but you pay for it and it's a little boring by day #2...but, that's just me!

Congrats! Your blog provides excellent tips on how folks can manage their finances wisely, become financially independent, and also enjoy life. I've popped in once in awhile and really enjoy your posts. Good luck to you and your wife!


Dr. Housing Bubble

Congrats on the wedding. I look forward to seeing the merged financials.

congrats on the wedding! It sounds like you're getting ready to embark on an exciting time of your lives together. Enjoy!

Congratulations and best wishes for a long, happy and prosperous future together!


Congrats. Does your wife mind you calling it a "merger"? ;)

Thanks for all the well wishes!

I hope my wife is ok with "merger", I haven't been harassed about it yet.

Hopefully we will be able to post the new combined balance sheet in a few days.

Another congratulations for the pile :)

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