Just shaved 23% off my girlfriend's wireless bill

This actually has been on my todo list for awhile, but I had been putting it off since my girlfriends Cingular account is not technically mine so I wasn't sure if I could even get her a discount.

However, yesterday I spotted this link at mymoneyblog that revealed a self service method to apply my corporate discount to my girlfriend's wireless account. Cha-ching! Just saved her $10.35/mo. Not a bad way to start the day.

Nobody should be paying retail prices for cell plans - almost every organization (charity, education, corporations, etc) have some type of discount plan with wireless companies. You just have to find them.

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DATE: 9:16 AM
Girlfriend got her bill over the weekend and we confirmed she got the discount - saving her nearly $10/mo off her bill. Sweet!

DATE: 12:11 PM
It took some effort for me to get any discount. I knew that my employer would not have such a discount, as we are only 14 people strong. However, I tried my university email account, and it did not work. I gave up at that point. Then, I became intent on finding a way to get a discount. I figured that the largest state university here would probably have the discount available, and then it hit me! They keep their email accounts active for years, just because people take time off of school here and there, and it would be a pain to disable accounts and recreate them. So, I took a class there about two years ago, and my email account was still active. So, I signed up and I am getting 8% off my bill. I can now save money on accessories and new phones as well. It is great.

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