New Look @ 2million's Personal Finance Blog

Im excited to roll out a long overdue new look for! This has been on our to do list for over 2 years (the previous look was only meant to be a transition) and the new layout is finally here.

With this web site's 5 year anniversary quickly approaching (August 2010) I thought now was a great time to freshen up the look a bit.

Here are a few of the enhancements:

  • A completely new 3-column design that is centered (finally!) for your viewing pleasure.
  • Pages should load about 50% quicker than before.
  • Navigation bars have been added to the bottom and top of each page. These menus will evolve over time.
  • TweetMe has been added at the top of each post for easy retweeting ->
  • I've added a Facebook link to share entries.Share
  • Search results are better integrated into the site.

Also as a side note I have started posting on the side at a new On Retirement blog. My first post Retiree vs Financially Free is now up.

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WOW! Five years, what an accomplishment. The new look is great, by the way.

I thought you wanted to remain anonymous since you are spilling our personal finacial details for all to see. The U.S. news blog displays your full name.

we see more ad space. That is all.

Mike - true, but for the past couple years I have been slowly associating my real name with the blog. At this point if anyone really wanted to know who I was they could find out with a little sleuthing.

Brian (aka 2million)

Looks nice and clean. Congrats on the new gig as well.

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