Better Deals on Tax Software

Since I purchased Taxcut Deluxe for a net $8.96, several better deals have surfaced:

1) Free Taxcut Standard - my coworkers tell me its just as good as Taxcut Deluxe - just doesn't have as many of the videos I don't use anyway. Sounds like it is still ok to use for investment and rental property. Its a free download for federal only, but once you have your federal done, state is usually easy for me to finish up. Note: Select the download option and remove the Extended Download Protection from your shopping cart to get it for free

2) Jane Dough took advantage of the same Taxcut Deluxe deal I did but got it for $5.43 with a $15 Staples gift check.

3) Apparently if you are a Voyager client at Vanguard ($250k or more in investments) you get free use of turbotax online. Another reason the rich get richer ;-). Thanks to krispytoast for the info on this.

4) Of course if your AGI is lower you have access to many versions of discounted/free tax prep software.

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DATE: 3:28 PM have to be a Voyager way to increase your net worth dramatically....get married to nice professional girl(with no debt).

DATE: 6:01 PM
2million, I tried the free software you suggested, it aint free afterall. Anyway thanks for sharing the details and a great blog! Keep up the good work.financeguy

DATE: 6:37 PM
I also saw this if anyone is interested - its info on getting Taxcut Premium Online for free with free e-file. I haven't tried it so I don't know if it works.

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