Taxcut Deluxe + State, plus $10 Staples giftcard for $18.96

Just got back from Staples and am happy to report I was able to get Taxcut Deluxe + State, plus a $10 Staples giftcard (after Easy Rebate) for $18.96 (plus tax).

Here is how I did it:

1) Print out Walmart page for Taxcut Deluxe + State for $19.96.

2) Went to Staples with printed page, found Taxcut Deluxe + State, went to cashier and asked for the Staples 110% price match guarantee.

3) Cashier took my printed page, entered some codes in the register and reduced the price to $18.96 + tax.

4) Got my receipt plus a Staples Easy Rebate receipt to get a $10 Staples giftcard. Just had to go to and fill out the rebate form, no mailing required.

Note: rebate valid on purchases through 1/14/2006.

I haven't seen any deal better than essentially $8.96 for Taxcut Deluxe + State.

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DATE: 9:25 AM
The Wal-Mart page now says Out of Stock. Don't think Staples will match that print out now...But good deal for you!

DATE: 10:04 AM
It was out of stock when i printed it to, Staples had no problem price matching it!

DATE: 2:11 PM
Staples says the don't match their store prices to other company's web prices (the fine print is in the store & on the website). So the Wal-Mart printout wasn't honored for me. Also, the "free" TaxCut Standard is not free -- it's $9.99. Ugh.

DATE: 10:59 AM
I just found out that taxcut 2005 doesn't have the auto entry feature to download finacial information from partners such as fidelity etrade etc.... pretty much close the door for me to use taxcut.I sure hope turbotax still have that feature. I don't look forward to manually enters all my trading in 2005

DATE: 11:14 AM
Yeah it looks like the free taxcut download has expired. Hoever, don't let Staples off that easy. The price is the same at Walmart stores - have them call up the local walmart to confirm.

DATE: 11:16 AM
I wonder why the auto entry feature is missing - I thought I used it last year with Taxcut. Luckily I don't have too many stock trades - I can just enter them by hand.However that will be good to know for next year.

DATE: 1:43 PM
I got TurboTax Deluxe + State for FREE - that's right, $0.00. I got this offer from State Farm Insurance on their web site ( If you are a State Farm customer and have any of your accounts set up to view online, you'll have a link on the site that says "File your taxes for FREE!"...

DATE: 2:22 PM
Nice! Unfortunately, I don't use State Farm ;-(

DATE: 7:30 PM
staples now has a $15 gift check offer (your post indicates it used to be $10). i bought tax cut deluxe with the wal-mart price match. there's no sales tax in oregon - so my net price was $3.96. not bad!

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