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If you are looking for a great source on information on taxes and rental properties, I have some recommendations for you. I have just finished reading both of these books and between the 2 of them I feel they have answered all my tax questions regarding my rental property and then some.

Every Landlords Tax Deduction Guide
By Stephen Fishman, Nolo Books
This was the best book I have found yet to give a great, practical end to end guide of taxes and rental properties. This book answered 95% of all the questions I had during my tax preparation regarding my rental property. It was full of examples that I found especially useful. The perfect all purpose book.

Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors
By John T Reed, Self-Published
I actually read this book 1st and was disappointed. After reading Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide, I reread this book and felt it was a great compliment. I realized that this book is definitely tailored to someone who is already familiar with the ins and outs of taxes and rental properties. The real value of this book is giving you perspective in what can and can not be written off from a rental property. I personally loved a decision tree documented by the author that shows the net present value of a judgmental area in an example tax preparation for a rental property (guess that's the engineer in me).

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DATE: 4:06 PM
huh sounds good. Would you know any books to read on how to get into the rental property market?-garrett

DATE: 4:25 PM
I can't say I found any good ones on getting into the real estate market. All the ones I read seemed too fantasy to me.

DATE: 5:04 PM
ahh I got you. You mean make you dream on. "oh you could own an REIT some day" or "you could own a 328 unit apartment complex" hah I picked up a book like that at the bookstore and thought how do I start small and then move up I just want to learn how to rent out a house or maybe a duplex. Maybe purchase one that isn't already rented because I know you can get them a lot cheaper. The ones that are currently rented are WAy over market value

DATE: 5:06 PM
But on the other side I did read your Rich dad/poor dad book you recomended and also richest man in babalyon (although that book was a little weird)

DATE: 5:45 PM
How about any general guides about how to be a landlord, how or whether to hire a property manager, etc? I'm not planning to do this any time soon, but it's part of my 5-year plan.

DATE: 7:23 PM
Good book suggestions. I'll definitely check them out.I know a little about tax deductions for rental property, but there is a ton that I don't know.Heck, I just found out that I should be keeping track of mileage every time I make a trip to my rental property...So, yeah, I'm a little behind the curve. I'll give your book suggestions a

DATE: 11:51 PM
Heres a tip, off load all your debt and buy properties that are in prime areas with CASH if you can afford it, the World is going through the second round of stagflation, have got the latest figures to prove, not the rubbish that the governments feed us.Good Luck !Anonymous Millionaire.

DATE: 2:28 PM
Would you be willing to let me borrow one of the books? I usually try to buy them used on amazon but there isn't any at a discount from the new price. No reason to pay the new book markup, right? Send me an email if you'd be willing:

DATE: 8:51 AM
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DATE: 8:57 PM
$2m,I've read John T Reed's book, own it and many other of his books.I highly recommend them.If you want to have some fun, check out his website and see what he says about Robert T. Kiyosaki - he really roasts him.haven't read the fishman book, but I've always liked Nolo books.Have a wonderful day,makingourway

DATE: 5:02 PM
clearly you're not a millionaire, mister anonymous millionaire. if we're about to re-enter a period of stagflation, i'd want to buy as many houses as i can with DEBT, not cash. you'll repay the loans with inflated dollars!

Hi. My wife and I are at the beginning of possibly converting our home (a loft in a major metro area) to a rental property. We’re thinking of buying a single family detached home, but want to hang on to our old place because we’re betting it will only appreciate in value over time.

In any case, I’ve got my pro forma setup via internet research and my old finance class notes, but I felt it was important to run to a bookstore/library to check out some more info, ESPECIALLY on legal and tax questions.

I ran into that NOLO book today, as a matter of fact, and I have to say it pretty much answered the rest of my obscure questions. My wife and I qualify for that $25,000 passive loss exemption which REALLY helps out my pro forma cash flow analysis.

So, I agree with you. Check out the NOLO book!

FYI, here's also a useful link from my old real estate prof at U Mich. it's helpful in setting up your own pro forma.

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