Buying New Shoes

Maybe Im getting old, but I have one pair of good shoes that I wear day in and day out. After a year, they are pretty much worn out and I need to replace them.

Since I buy the same shoes everytime (getting old and boring I guess), I have been a big fan of the last few years. I have been holding off on buying a new pair for awhile because every once and awhile comes out with a pretty decent coupon. The coupon, plus no sales tax or shipping costs makes the shoes a steal compared to the same shoes at any local store.

I stumbled across a Memorial Day Coupon good through June 5th, 2006:

I ordered my new Rockport Margins on Saturday May 27th, and arrived on June 1st. I'm all set till next year now ;-).

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DATE: 10:19 AM
That's funny. I do the same thing (well, I have two pair of dress shoes, black and brown). My wife gets all over me for it--thinks I should have several. But I'm too cheap!

DATE: 1:07 PM
I read a while back that if you have three pairs of shoes that you alternate daily, they will last as long as five pairs (only owning one pair at a time) that are worn every day until they wear out.I've got a few pairs of boots that I wear like that, and I get the heels and soles replaced when they start to wear out. They've lasted me for many years.

DATE: 1:16 PM
where do you "stumble across" these coupons?thanks!

DATE: 12:55 PM
I think you should branch out. You can't possibly wear the same pair of shoes with jeans and a suit.

DATE: 4:34 PM
I used to do the same thing when I was younger. Now I feel like Imelda Marcos sometimes! Thanks very much for the great tip on and the coupon.

DATE: 8:46 PM
Thats true I don't wear the same pair of shoes with suits, but I do not wear suits often so I wear my main pair of shoes everyday to work and most of the weekends.

DATE: 11:09 AM
Congrats on the new shoes. I hope that they serve you well for the next year or so!

DATE: 8:57 PM
Congrats on the new shoes. We just bought my father-in-law a new pair of Rockports for his birthday.

DATE: 1:26 AM
$2M,mail order shoes?great idea, but how do you know if they fit?regards,makingourway

DATE: 10:50 AM
Well like I said I am getting set in my ways. I end up buying the exact same pair of shoes since I like them so much so I know the exact size I need and what color I want. Works perfect in my situation.If you didn't know exactly what you want I guess its a bit trickier to find the right size - I think shoebuy has a hassle free return policy to get a new size or something - I don't have any experience with it though.

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