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I just completed a couple investment purchases. Some stocks are looking very attractive to me and I wish I had additional cash on hand ready to make purchases. Here is what I have recently added to my portfolio:



Cost Basis*






IBM (in 401k)












*Note: I have included transaction fees in my cost basis

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DATE: 4:45 PM
Is it really worth it to purchase $100 worth of stock..I am looking to purchase some stocks.. Maybe gillette or something like that...

DATE: 4:47 PM
opps nevermind.. Gillette is owned by P@G...and P@G is the compay that has been raisings it's dividends... Hmmm and also been getting a lot of media coverage...

DATE: 8:13 PM
Well let me frame the $100 - I have a large holding (relative to the size of my portfolio) of Pfizer stock held in the DRIP account. I have been adding to it when I feel like Pfizer is a good buy in small quanities.Since there are no transaction costs I see no reason not to invest in Pfizer in small amounts

DATE: 10:34 PM
AHHH I got ya.... I want to set up a DRIP.... How did you do that? This is my first time investing in stocks as you can see..Would you mind helping me out?

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