Net Worth Carnival of Personal Finances

Long ago (at least in the pf blogging world) there were a couple sites that were aggregating monthly net worth posts from popular pf blogs so readers could pull all the data together. Worked great except it relied on someone scanning hundreds of sites to pull this info together. I enjoyed it because I felt it helped readers (and myself) look for stand-outs (+ or -) and find root causes for the net worth swings.

It looks like makingourway is trying to start up something similar with a new Net Worth Carnival.

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I have a question, you are planning to retire at age 45 and most of your investments are in form of pretax retirement accounts, have you think in the impact of early withdrawal?

Thats a great question. Your right, its clear the bulk of my assets are in pre-retirement accounts. My current thinking is right now I am just worrying about getting to my goal - as I get closer I will may much more attention to planning withdrawal of the money.

Short answer is as I get closer to my goal I assume I will be focussing on putting more money in taxable accts vs pre-tax retirement accounts.

You can always do a 72t election.

As frugal and investment oriented as you are, $2m, do you think you would really retire? I imagine you'd have pretty healthy real estate income to live off of by that time.
Regards, m

Thanks for posting about the Net Worth Carnival. If anyone is reading this and tracking their monthly networth changes, please submit your January update to the carnival. We really need more submissions.

Enough Wealth ( keeps track of more than a few PF Bloggers each month.

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