Negotiation Genius Book Review

Negotiation Genius is a well written text book on a subject that I think everyone should learn more about (especially for folks interested in personal finance). Once I started, I quickly read through the whole book and was still eager for more.

There were two aspects of this book I really enjoyed. 1) It had numerous case studies, anecdotes, and examples to help you understand the tactics and 2) It enjoyable to read, but more structured like a textbook to help formalize soft concepts for you.

Here are some take aways from my reading:
-Agree to Disagree -- something I always tend to do during the middle of negotiation. However the authors suggestion these are the areas we should be focusing on to create more value in the negotiations
-Logrolling - bring in other issues/dimensions in the negotiations (ie besides price, other areas to create value for both parties)
-Package offers are better then negotiating one issue at a time as they deliver preferred outcome across all issues.
-Ask why. The authors provide examples of how asking not only "what" but "Why" can change the dynamics of a negotiation.
-Creating Value. The authors spent a lot of time in various places on creating additional value in the book. This is probably my biggest take away. By expanding the area under negotiation you can get more for yourself and more for the other party. This is what really sunk in with me during the read.

Let me be clear, I think it so important to read and learn about negotiation regardless of who you are and what you do. With that in mind, I thought this book was a great read that really helped me get a more formal understanding of negotiation after I had finished reading Secrets of Power Negotiating.

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