There's Hope, We May Finish Rich

Sometimes is all about timing. Last year my wife and I made an unsuccessful attempt to sit down and read together Smart Couples Finish Rich. We were able to get a few chapters into it, but other external events and muted interest at the time forced us to put the book aside.

6 months later, with several lattes and margaritas consumed while we read it aloud to each other, we are now making steady progress through the book. It is amazing.

The book itself is just ok, nothing radical or new that the average person reading this blog doesn't already know. However, the book flushes out all these money topics that we need to start talking about, and it does it in a way much better than I could do on my own. If left up to me, I would quickly bore my wife with financial details.

The book is presenting subjects for discussion with topics subsequently building upon each other. As a result, I am already seeing a lot of great "financial communication" from our discussions. The book is forcing me to revisit areas that I glossed over in my single life - chief among them is insurance.

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My wife and I read "The Total Money Makeover" this way and found it to be quite enjoyable. Several times we stopped each other to relate something in the book to our personal lives, and other times we just nodded and kept reading.

It doesn't "flush" out anything. It "fleshes" it out. Get your cliches straight.

I love David Bach's books. I listened to one of them on a cross-country trip (one of those books on CD) and it was great to listen to.

for a first read, i suppose this is a good book. but i have read two of his books now, and i feel they are all so similar (and obvious) that it is not worth it. i also felt personally insulted after reading "smart women finish rich," but i suppose that was a personal thing.

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