Free Tax Software for Tax Year 2007

Ok here are the free / low cost tax software options I have found so far this year:

  • Free Taxcut Basic (Federal Only) in mail. I received a CD in the mail a few weeks ago from H&R Block that contained a free version of Taxcut Basic (Federal Only). Once you pop the CD in, it suggests you upgrade to the premium version with state tax preparation; however it will let you install the full Basic Taxcut.
  • Free or discounted Turbotax for Vanguard clients. If you are a Vanguard Flagship customer its free!
  • Discounted Turbotax for T Row Price clients. Link may work for everyone
  • Free TurboTax for simple returns (1040EZ).
  • Free tax software based on family's income level. If you earn $54k or less - check it out.
  • Free Taxcut Basic (Federal, Download only) at
  • Free TaxAct. A lesser known software that has a basic version that has been offered for free for several years.

I don't have to use any tax software this year as I am currently on an international assignment and my employer is paying Earnst & Young to do my taxes. However, their web site requires me to input all the pertinent data page-by-page. It extremely time consuming, plus I am having difficulties trying to track down all our accounts and tax records while we are remote. I can't wait to get back to the US and get a more organized financial system in place for us.

Also see my 2007 general tax tips.

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We started reading "Smart Couples Finish Rich" based off your recommendation and have implemented his financial organization system. It is working great for us.

Yeah, I know.....
Traveling while on vacation is always good, but traveling/living elsewhere for work purposes can be really stressful. I used to like it in the beginning, but now I'm sick of it.

I respect 'free' as much as the next canny investor, but I do think sometimes you have to pay for advice. Maybe not every year, but I think every now and then seeing an accountant is a good idea, especially when it comes to taxes.

Not to take anything away from your list of resources of course -- everyone needs to track their own affairs. But just a reminder for some readers perhaps that we can't all be experts on everything, and sometimes paying can save you money.

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