$50 SmartyPig Gift Card Giveaway

I turn 32 today(ugh!). However I am the one giving out the gifts.

We have a $50 SmartyPig giftcard to give away to one of our readers. To enter to win, 3 requirements:

  • Subscribe to 2million's RSS Feed
  • Leave a comment, tell us you are a subscriber or have subscribed, and let us know what you're saving for (if you want to)
  • You must have a US mailing address.

Smartypig is a pretty innovative product that has recently launched to help people save towards their goals. There are already so many reviews out there that I will simply share a couple reviews here and here if you want to learn more about the product.

This contest will run till next Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 9:00 pm EST. We will pick a winner at random and will notify them via email.

Good luck!

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Comments (32)

Hey 2million - I'd love to have that $50 SmartyPig gift card! I have subscribed to your RSS feed, and love your blog!

I'm also saving up 2million like you and am keeping pace with you despite a different mixture of investments.

I have a US Mailing address.

I have been a reader (subscriber) to your feed for a few months now. We were just blessed with having a beautiful baby girl (2 weeks ago) so now I'm saving every penny to spoil her! If you pick me as the winner you can pick the college she goes to - Harvard? Princeton? Yale?

Keep up the posts!

I've subscribed to your RSS feed. Congrats on making your blog useful and interesting. You prove that it isn't necessary to post content on a daily (much less hourly) basis to be a relevant source of financial information.

Yep I have a US mailing address.


Hiya! I've been a long time subscriber to your feed, and read the blog every day. I'm currently saving to make a big move to Raleigh, NC where my loving future husband is currently located. We have known each other for 19 years and finally decided to take our relationship to the next level. I can't wait to make the move, to finally be with the love of my life.

I do currently have a US mailing address.


I have subscribed to your RSS feed through Google Reader.

I am saving up to open a Roth IRA with Vanguard in their target retirement fund.

I have a mailing address in the USA.


Hiya 2M!

I'm a subscriber AND I have a US mailing address...SmartyPig is for meeeEEEeee!!!

Savings goal? To be financially independent!

Make it a great day!

Wow.. those reviews make it sound great :-(
I think I'll pass.

Happy Birthday. I am an avid subscriber and reader of your blog. We are currently saving for our wedding and started reading "Smart Couples Finish Rich" because of your reviews. Thank you for having this blog, you have helped make us more informed when it comes to managing our finances.

I'd love to have the $50 SmaryPig gift card and I've subscribed to the 2millionblog.

I think this is an awesome blog and I use it one of my several resources for balanced financial planning.

I've subscribed via Google Reader.

I have several financial goals, one of which is saving for an engagement ring.

I have a US mailing address.


Hi 2million. I'd really like the $50 SmartyPig gift card. I am subscribed to your RSS feed via my PF tab on my iGoogle page

My savings goal is to have 3 months worth of salary saved in my emergency fund.

I also have a US mailing address.


I am already subscribed to your blog. Great stuff!

I am saving for my vacation next month. And to be honest.... I think I am close to $50 short of my goal! ha ha. I am also saving for my Emergency Fund.

I have a US Mailing address.

Hi 2 million -

Don't you love getting older. I subscribe to your RSS feed and like Anita, I enjoy your blog.

I have subscribed to the RSS feed for your blog. I am saving for an emergency fund and the $50.00 Gift Card would help with my goal.

Just subscribered to the feed.

I am saving for a home project - replacing old wooden windows with more energy efficient ones!

Yep I have a US mailing address.

Howdy. I have been a subscriber to your RSS feed for a very long time and I read your blog daily.

Happy Birthday 2 Million!
Have been a subscriber for quite some time now, and I really enjoy it!

I've subscribed to your RSS feed. I am saving for my next tank of gas and $50 would fill it up almost all the way!

I've subscribed to the RSS. Regardless of the $50, I just read your blog today and found it very helpful and encouraging. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for linking to my review. I've subscribed and wouldn't mind adding another gift card towards my goal of upgrading to the new Asus EEE 900 coming out soon.

Happy belated birthday! I've been a longtime subscriber :)

I subscribed to your blog since October last year and every of your post is safely saved in my Gmail account. So far I am little bit behind of you in term of both age and net worth -:) Hope we both can achieve financial independent goal soon. Again thanks a lot for your blog. It inspired me every time I read it.

I'm a subscriber :)

I've been visiting your blog since I read about it in US News & World Report.

I'm saving for law school right now. And eventually one of those earthship houses.

Hey there! I've been a long time subscriber via google reader, and would love to take that $50 off your hands - I have a few things to save for - my hearts desire, if I couldn't think of more grown-up ways to spend the money, would be a Nikon D300 dsl.

Happy Birthday! I have been subscribed to your blog for a while now and I have a US mailing address. I enjoy reading your blog.

I read you via my Google reader. My financial goals? To take over the world! But first I'll settle for paying off the rest of my credit card debt (just $1800 to go!) and using my Smartypig account to get an emergency savings in place.

Hi - I subscribed to your feed after Google recommended it to me via Google Reader.

I'm saving for a down payment on a condo in Chicago.


I've been following your blog for about a year. I like the RSS feed so I can see new posts from my home page. I'm saving for retirement.

Hi I'm a subscriber and a long time reader since the blurb in Business week. I'm saving for retirement and my own financial freedom. Thanks for the blog!

Using the random number generator from random.org - the winner is Starving Artist!

Congratulations! Ill have an email to you shortly.

Happy Birthday! I've been subscribed to your RSS feed for about a year. Saving to pay for grad school in the fall.

Thanks 2million! What a great way to end the day!

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