Lowes 10% Coupon inside the USPS Change of Address Pack

My wife picked up some change of address forms at the Post Office yesterday for us. The 2009 Change of Address Form Packs now include an actual 10% off Lowes Coupon inside the pack. Previously only a mailer was included that you needed to fill out and mail to Lowes and if qualified, Lowes would mail you a 10% of coupon. This made it difficult to get more than a couple coupons.

The coupons in the Change of Address Packs are good until June 2009. This is a great change for me - this now means for any purchase I make at Lowes I should be getting at least 10% off. Before I had to save those 10% off coupons for major purchases.

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Home Depot will also accept the coupon and I'm sure other hardware stores will do the same.

Great info. Thanks!

Beware of the "free shipping" on most major items. It is actually a rebate that you have to mail in for. I sent mine back in the mail a few weeks ago and should be getting my gift card in the mail soon. However, if you check out some of the chat rooms on Lowes rebates you will find some angry people who have never been paid back. For me it's $89.00. Let's hope I get it back. Also, Congrats on the new baby and home. Life is about to change for you in a major way.

I live in the Philadelphia area and just stopped by the USPS office to pick up a Change of Address packet. It does include the Lowes 10% off your next purchase valid at any store.

("Next purchase," means it's good for a single receipt purchase of any in-stock or Special Order merchandise up to $5,000. Valid in the U.S. only and cannot be combined with any other coupon.)

Same Lowes coupon are sold on Ebay. Also you can register here to get one email to you.


Received my $69 free shipping Visa card with no problem - very quick response from Lowes - only have $3 bucks left on it and you can use it ANYWHERE!

Thanks for the helpful info! I just used it to save $20 on a new grill. The post office is in the plaza right next door to Lowe's.

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