Buying Coupons on Ebay for Big Purchases

My wife and I recently rounded out our baby furniture by deciding on a new glider from Babiesrus. My wife had been watching craigslist as we had found a crib and changing table there, but couldn't find what we were looking for. Our attention turned to pricing "new" options and my wife eventually found what we were looking for on sale (30% off) at Babiesrus.

After we decided this was the piece of furniture is what we wanted, we started looking for how we could sweeten the deal. We googled online for Babiesrus coupons, but didn't see any available.

Then we checked Ebay to see what we could find. It turns out we could find several 20% coupons for Babiesrus on Ebay. We were able to buy a 20% Babysrus coupon for $6.00 including shipping that saved us $54 off the price of the glider on top of the 30% off sale. After taxes we paid $312 for the new glider + ottoman and couldn't be happier with it.

It turns out there are tons of coupons to major retailers available online. If your contemplating a sizable purchase at a major retailer it might be worth it to spend 5 minutes on Ebay to see if you could land a coupon for your purchase. Especially on sizable purchases it could be a significant return on your time.

Checkout some of these listings on Ebay:

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I can not believe you paid $312 for a glider and ottoman! That's mighty expensive. You can find nice ones on or for $100-200 (no coupon).

Depending on the style you are looking for, Target and Walmart are pretty limited in selection. My wife is pregnant right now as well and we are spending a little extra money to get items that we like and will want to keep. I don't see anything wrong with paying more for nice things; cheaper isn't always better.

It wasn't ones of those rocker-gliders - it was a fully upholstered glider. Definitely the lowest price (after-tax) we saw for a fully upholstered one.

Great idea! I've done this before by purchasing discounted gift cards online and then using them to make a big purchase.

You are a wise man to buy a GREAT glider. Don't go cheap on this one. You wife will thank you. She will spend a ton of quality time in it. You'll walk in on her asleep with the baby in her lap and one of cheap gliders will only give her a crick in her neck. Wise decision. We have been down this rode twice and about to have a 3rd. Take care

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