Using The Automatic Shower Cleaner To Save Time

My wife and I have struggled this year keeping up with the maintenance of the larger home we purchased at the end of last year. We have continued to look for ways to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance with our baby and my job which has been very demanding of my time this year.

Our master shower is a fully tile shower with glass surround that requires regular cleaning to keep it even semi-clean. We have tried using a daily shower cleaner, but we both had trouble remembering and taking the effort (what little it was) to spray it on the shower surface on a regular basis after we used the shower.

So we decided to invested ~$5 (after a couple coupons) in the Scrubble Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner and see if that helped us reduce the amount of effort/work in maintaining our shower. The Automatic Shower Cleaner only requires you to remember to press the button on the way out of the shower and after a small delay will spray daily shower cleaner around your shower.

It turns out after a couple weeks this seems to be working better for us. Between my wife and I we both remember to press the button on the way out the door, and our shower is looking much cleaner as a result. Its hard to argue that its a big time saver since it maybe takes 30 seconds to manually spray a daily shower cleaner, but for us it seems to be making all the difference.

Hacking the Automatic Shower Cleaner
Its fairly easy to refill your automatic shower cleaner without purchasing the pricer Scrubbing Bubbles refills. The Scrubbling Bubbles automatic shower cleaner bottles have a one-way ratchet nub that prevents you from taking the cap off and refilling the bottle. I used this method to cut off the "ratchet nubs" on the cleaner bottle and refill it with a $1 generic daily shower cleaner. I was able to pop the top off the bottle using 2 flat head screwdrivers and cut off the bottle ratchet nubs using a razor blade.

Final Thoughts
I'd like to see an automatic shower cleaner with a timer so you could configure it to spray once a day so you don't even have to remember to press the button. It would be one less thing to think about ;-).

Regardless this cleaner has helped us reduce the effort required to maintain our shower and these days that's easily worth it to us.

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It is a good idea to clean our shower. Thanks for sharing.

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