2009 Investment Performance Review (+34.31%)

Since we have been paying close attention to our investments via monthly reports on this blog, its pretty easy to do a quick analysis of our annual performance. These year end results are awesome - wish I could see this performance on a more regular basis :-).

Jan-09 Net Contributions Dec-09 Midpoint Dietz Return
Taxable Accts $ 83,438.34 $14,642.78 $130,039.82 35.21%
Retirement Accts $ 36,129.37 $11,558.00 $ 61,241.56 32.34%
Total $119,567.71 $26,200.78 $191,281.38 34.31%
Benchmark (VTI) $13,045.86 $ 425.00 $ 17,388.87 29.55%
Explanation of Midpoint Dietz method to calculate rate of return

Overall we achieved a 34% return in 2009 for our investments besting our benchmark of the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index ETF. One could argue that our returns may have been higher in large part due to the timing of our net contributions which were heaviest towards the bottom of the market. Regardless we are pleased with the results and have no complaints with our investment strategy at least for 2009.

Here are our monthly investment reports for 2009 where you can see all our holdings and investment transactions for the year.

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34.31% is a great result. Congratulations!

My Retirement Investing Strategy was a lot steadier than that. Just ran the calculations with your Midpoint Dietz method and I achived 21.9%.

Get ready for a drop if you're not careful.

Do you really think DJIA will hit 12k+ this year?

I wouldn't count my blessings and my readings with MSM.

Just curious as to why you are not putting very much into your retirement account - are you limited by some defined benefit plan contributions? If not, then why not create a SEP-IRA for your own corp. entity OR at least have you and your wife put in as much as possible into your retirement plans --- also why not have both you and your wife contribute to non-deductible IRAs (max 5k each)... the benefits of tax-deferred growth are being missed - your thoughts?

Not sure why your thinking we haven't maxed out our retirement accounts. We maxed our my 401k, 2 Roth IRAs for each of us, and my allowable SEP IRA.

I think the question is because you only have 11,500 listed in contributions to your retirement account. Guess you don't include 401(k) in your chart?

Yep - thats right 401k contributions/amounts are not included here. I mentioned it on my monthly reports, but should have also mentioned it here - my 401k fund don't have symbols that I can use to track their performance in a spreadsheet like I do in the rest of my accounts.

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