Withdraw Free Money From Upromise Account

Have a Upromise account? I found out its pretty easy to get the money out of your UPromise account without contributing it to a college fund.

I signed up for one back in 2006 since its free and only requires a few minutes to link your loyalty cards to. I figure with no change to my buying habits it should rack up a little cash over the years and might as well take advantage. I logged into my account and found out that I had received a whopping $9.10. That not exactly significant for 3 years of buying activity, but its a little something.

It turns out the Upromise web site has a link to a form you just need to print off, fill out with you information including your upromise account number and they will mail you a check. Its almost not worth the trouble for me, but if someone regularly shops at a participating store I could see how they could earn $100+ for a few minutes of time.

Link to Upromise account withdraw form .

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I have an idea. 2million you should have a fan of the month contest. Whoever reads your blog the most and contributes the most comments wins. I win!

I joined UPromise in Sept of 2003 shortly after my first child was born. To date my account total is $1667.55! I did not change any of my spending habits. We got quite a bit from using Mobil gas stations. Unfortunatley Mobil is no long in the Phoenix area. The tricky part is the on line shopping. To get the contributions you had to go to the UPromise site first and then to the store where you wanted to shop. I use to forget a lot. Now there is an application that you install in IE. No more forgetting!

I'm just not organized enough or motivated enough to earn a few extra pennies every year. Thanks for the tip, though.

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