Group Buying Good For Outsourcing?

I currently subscribe to daily deals from group-buying sites Groupon, Living Social, and Twongo. All these companies typically offer one deal per day from a local retailer in major areas, sometimes with the deal getting better the more people that purchase it. Group buying is a relatively new craze that we have typically used to buy deals at local restaurants where can occasionally get a significant discount at a restaurant we like to go eat dinner at anyway.

However the other day Twongo ran a deal to get 8 hrs of painting labor for $104 from a local painter. Thats about $13/hr. It didn't take my wife and I long to agree and max out (buy 2 for 16hrs of painting) to get our home office painted. Our home office has been on the todo list for about 2 yrs now, but things just tend to come up that are a higher priority and we have never got to it. With our recent focus on trying to outsource some activities we knew this was an opportunity we could take advantage of.

Today LivingSocial is offering a 4-hour cleaning service in our area for $54 or ~$14/hr. While its not first on our list because its not tax deductible, it will be a nice break for my wife who does most of the cleaning, and the price per hour is very attractive when we start to focus on outsourcing at the lowest the price per hour. A happy wife for me will be a nice side benefit.

If your interested in signing up for any of these grou buying sites they all run sign-up promotions. Twongo currently has a Gimme Five promotion where if you sign up and purchase a Twongo deal within 30 days you'll receive a $5 credit*.

*Full Disclosure* - I may receive a credit for your referral.

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It's time to update your Current Net Worth amount. It's been stuck there for over a month I believe. Let's get on the ball 2million! LOL

I am picky about who I have come into my house for services such as housecleaning and painting. Question: Are you having to sacrifice quality for the discounted services you have purchased? Would love to see an update here once the painting/cleaning is complete.

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