September 2010 Monthly Cash Flow

I have started posting our monthly cash flow analysis given how tight things are these days with our downshifting to a single income and starting a family. I believe we need to continue to pay closer attention to our cash flow while we get through this tight period of our journey to financial freedom.

So here an update with our September 2010 cash flow:

Here is our monthly update:

  • Income - Fairly steady with my wife's take lower than avg. for the month primarily because she took a week off so we could take our vacation to Myrtle Beach. She works a couple hours a week tutoring and at other kid focused businesses.
  • Food - Still above where we want to be, but a much better month. I expect this month to be higher because of our Myrtle beach vacation and I was on a business trip for the last few days of the month (some of my dining out expenses are included here).
  • Utilities - Covers our electricity, gas, internet, and cell phones.
  • Gifts - finally a breather, but will be more than offset by Christmas gifts in November and December.
  • Misc - We continue our management of major purchases via monthly cash flow. Our major purchases for August were ~$200 in pet expenses and $470 for a final payment on our wedding album (nearly 3 yrs in the making).
  • Healthcare - Higher than average due to several 3-month prescription refills via Medco. Anyone else's healthcare plan remove the cap on the co-pay for prescription drugs this year? Our family is paying significantly more this year since these caps have been removed on the co-pay - we now pay a fixed percentage of the drug's retail cost.
  • Cash flow is still uncomfortably tight uncomfortably tight and will be for the foreseeable future until my wife returns to full time work or we payoff our mortgage.

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So when do you think your wife will end up going back to work? Is she doing okay mentally watching your baby or is she itching to get back into the workforce?

Yep, our prescription costs went up this year, moving to s similar percentage-off plan. Nice to see the continued dedication to Roth funding.
Rock on,

The monthly cash flow for my wife and me:

Net income: $5800
Net expenses (Rent, Food, incidentals): $1500
Total cash saved per month: $5800 - $1500 = $4300

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