November 2010 Monthly Cash Flow

Im posting our monthly cash flow analysis given how tight things are these days with our downshifting to a single income and starting a family. I believe we need to continue to pay closer attention to our cash flow while we get through this tight period of our journey to financial freedom.

So here an update with our November 2010 cash flow:

Here is our monthly update:

  • Income - Income is significantly higher due to 1) I've reduced my withholding as I'm expecting we will be due a tax refund. 2) I received a health rebate this month, 3) I hit the Social Security maximum $6,621.60 for 2010.
  • Food - While up for the month I feel it was a better month for food expenses especially since we hosted a Thanksgiving dinner and visitors are our house.
  • Utilities - Covers our electricity, gas, internet, and cell phones.
  • Misc - We continue our management of major purchases via monthly cash flow. Our major purchase for November included a new HDTV from a CyberMonday sale ($600)
  • Healthcare - A lower than average month.
  • Auto - Clearing seeing a benefit of the remote work agreement I established in November. Looks like we will save $100+ a month in gas just from me working from home 2 days a week over our normal gas bill.
  • Cash flow actually significantly improved this month. It looks like this was our latest monthly savings YTD, but in large part do to our additional income.

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2million does your company provide any match for your 401K? What percentage? And do you have a Roth 401K or just a regular 401K? Thanks buddy!

Hello? Is there a 2 million out there?

Yes there is a match - I think its up to 8% now after they stopped contributing to our cash balance pensions. I also make contributions to via both traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k). The contributions vary, don't have a well defined plan for them both, other than I feel like I should balance paying tax now as well as deferring to the future because I suspect taxes will be higher in the future, but I don't know.

Thanks 2million and that's great to get an 8% match! Your plan sounds rational regarding balancing taxes now vs later. And congrats on hitting the 3/4 of a million milestone! Looks like your wealth is now increasing exponentially and no longer at a linear rate as you wanted?

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