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I've gotten multiple requests to clarify the recent no closing cost refinance loan I just completed. Its a bit of a vague term and could be done different ways, but the end result is that there are no out of pocket loan costs to the borrower for the refinance. In my mind that doesn't mean rolling the closing costs into the loan balance which is a very important distinction, but easy to confuse.

Here is a summary of our HUD line item settlement charges from closing:

Settlement Charges





Origination Charge

$ 3,675.95


Credit from Lender

$ (5,566.32)


Appraisal Fee

$ 430.00


Credit Report

$ 10.95


Daily/Prepaid Interest @ $21.00/day for 2 days

$ 42.00


Homeowners Insurance Premium

$ 660.00


Initial Escrow Deposit

$ 475.21


Closing Attorney

$ 350.00


Lender's title insurance

$ 333.00


Courier fee

$ 50.00


Government recording charges

$ 80.00


Total Settlement Charges

$ 540.79


Total Prepaid Items

$ 1,177.21


Net Closing Costs (excluding prepaid)

$ (636.42)

Couple key things to notice:
-Prepaid items like Homeowner's insurance, property taxes, escrow, prepaid interest aren't refinance costs -- your obligated to pay those with your existing loan whether you refinance or not so I wouldn't include them as part of the costs to refinance. In this example they totaled $1,177.
-The Lender in this case is providing a credit of $5,566 or .9% of the loan balance for taking a slightly higher interest rate (3.5% vs market rate with no credit).
-The mortgage broker makes their money via the origination charge which is part of the closing costs.
-The refi closing costs total $4,929 - primarily the origination charge, appraisal fee, credit check, title insurance, closing attorney, courier charges, and government recording fee in the example above.
-The credit provided by the lender is in excess of the closing costs so I netted an additional $636 that also helped offset some of the other prepaid items.

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I'm looking into refinancing and estimating the value of my house. I've been using Bank of America's Real Estate Center's What's Your Home Worth? estimate tool webite:
Is this tool even somewhat accurate?

I tried that tool and the price range for our property estimate was $75k - that is pretty wide. That being said, our appraisal came in at the very bottom of the estimate range on the BOA tool.

Do you have any lenders that you have worked with and are pleasant?

Is the "no closing cost" feature just another way of tricking borrowers when in reality they still have to pay for it later but in the guise of higher interest rate?

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