Investment Performance June 2013 (-0.97%)

This is our monthly investment portfolio report. I view our ability to invest with above average rates of return as the most important factor in reaching our financial freedom goals. This investment report covers our taxable portfolio and IRA retirement accounts. My 401k (which is roughly 1/2 our portfolio) is not included as the index funds it includes are not publicly traded and difficult to incorporate in this report.

June Highlights:

  • I haven't published our monthly investment report in several months, but hope this will catch us up.
  • Our portfolio lost 0.97% June, but we did outperform our VTI benchmark (-1.44%).
  • For 1H2013 our personal portfolio gained $49,496, that is a return upwards of 15%! That is an incredible and unsustainable gain for the first half of the year.
  • The market's continued rally has given me a bit of pause over valuations. While I am not complaining with the recent rise, I believe equity returns will be less attractive. I'm easing into a more conservative investment posture as the market continues to rally. As an example I have only made a net investment contribution in 1H2013 of $1,037. That is the lowest investment rate for us in a number of years. I anticipate we would have a negative contribution for the year if the market rally continues, despite ~$10k in Roth IRA contributions.
  • We made our regular monthly investments in our Roth IRAs, and had some dividends, but otherwise a very quiet month.
  • Our recent monthly returns were: Jan 09 -4.98%, Feb -9.94%, Mar +8.45%, Apr +10.88%, May +4.65%, Jun +0.89%, Jul +9.94%, Aug +4.36%, Sept 3.15%, Oct -2.34%, Nov +5.83%, Dec +1.85%, Jan '10 -2.34%, Feb +2.25%, Mar +5.88%, Apr +2.54%, May -8.13%, June -5.64%, July 6.17%. Aug -4.87%, Sept +8.48%, Oct 2.47%, Nov -0.96%, Dec +8.01%, Jan 2011 +2.06%, Feb 2.57%, Mar +0.15%, Apr +3.04%, May -1.56%, June -1.63%, July -2.71%, Aug -5.42%, Sept -7.06%, Oct +9.88%, Nov -0.39%, Dec +2.10%, Jan '12 +4.03%, Feb +4.68%, Mar +2.35%, Apr -1.74%, Sept +3.47%, Oct 0.10%, Nov -0.20%, Dec +3.09%, Jan '13 +6.72%, Feb +0.49%, Mar +4.52%, Apr +1.30%, May +2.87%, June -0.97%.....

June 2013 Investment Report:

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I have been following your blog on and off for several years...since you were in the ~$500k range or so. Just wanted to say you've been an inspiration to me, and I have purchased 3 profitable rental properties valued at over $800K and now have a net worth of over $730K much to the credit if your advice and disciplined approach to investing. Thanks for taking the time to chart your progress, provide advice, and portray an honest, if sometimes un-exciting approach to wealth-building. You will probably never know the influence you've really had or the successes your own efforts have created in others, but you should be proud to know that people are learning from your example and even changing their lives in some cases due in large part to the example you are setting. Thanks.

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