2013 Net Worth Growth

Here are some updated charts on our net worth growth and investment portfolio with Yr2013 included:

Our financial freedom goal of $2million + our primary residence is getting closer to reality. If only we could have 4 more years in a row like 2013. Ofcourse if we did, inflation would be way higher than I expected.

2013 Investment Portfolio Return:

Note this is the first year I have ever taken out more than I have contributed to our investment portfolio (-$10,369.60). This is part of our re-balancing as I have increased our cash position to take advantage of future opportunities. We are still heavily invested in stocks overall. The VTI benchmark is calculated via the tracking of our own VTI investment in our portfolio to ensure return calculations are consistent.

5 Year Investment Portfolio Return vs VTI Benchmark:

I track our investment portfolio monthly and use those reports to estimate these returns. 2013 was a good year all the way around from a growth and return perspective. I also finally was able to beat my VTI benchmark return for the first time in 3 years. Still over the past 5 years I'm trailing just slightly. It is why I waffle so much on index investing vs my own investment approach. I recognize a key part for me to achieving financially freedom and more importantly maintaining that freedom is enhancing investment returns. However my track record still shows me I have more work to do and right now I'm just keeping up with the averages.

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Does your benchmark and the VTI benchmark include dividends?

Tom, Yes our portfolio calculations and VTI benchmark calculations include dividends. I have on occasion missed a stock dividend payment in our monthly investment reports so that could skew results, but when I find them I factor them in so that should balance out the returns.


Excellent progress - thanks for being willing to publish your networth, not everyone will these days.

I know that you don't necessarily have a lot of time to draft additional postings, but I would love to get a sense of what factors you feel have accounted for your financial success.

You are doing a great job so far. However, I am a firm believer in the bogleheads approach. www.bogleheads.org/forum/ is a website you NEED to read. It could help you big time. Your individual stock picks leave you too exposed with risk. Actively managed funds and individual stocks hardly ever outperform passively managed index funds over the long term (20-30 year period type stuff).

You are doing such an awesome job with your financial freedom goals. You are inspiring. I always look to see how you are doing and it helps keep me on track with my family's $2M goals -- which are now within sight for us.
Wishing you more success this upcoming year.

Your networth graphic is inspiring. I can find myself and imagine what the next few years could bring!

Excellent progress and very inspiring to see. There's a Japanese proverb that I like, "After victory, tighten your helmet chord." And you seem to have the right attitude - don't relax yet!

2million, I've been following you for years now. I am wondering this, what does one do when they reach their retirement goal? say you reach the 401k cash out age as well, do you just take all the money to a investment firm and work out a fixed income scheme with their consultant?? or buy few fidelity/vanguard etc retirement funds to live on those?? or what else? Thanks

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