Toyota Sienna 2014 Purchase Breakdown

Back at the end of March my wife and I purchased a new 2014 Toyota Sienna LE. I found it hard to get good benchmark prices online so wanted to share our cost breakdown.

We purchased a 2014 Toyota Sienna LE in North Carolina (I found pricing differs slightly based on locale) for $28,000 out the door. This included the LE model, 8 Passenger, Pre-Dawn Grey with 10 miles on odometer and floor mats. We visited 3 local dealers and contacted 4 dealers within a 5 hour drive of us. In the end we purchased from a dealer about 2 hours away (near family).

Here was the breakdown of our cost:

Sienna LE $26,536.00
License $28.00
RTA $5.00
Title Fee $40.00
Highway Use Tax $796.09
Administration Fee $594.91
Total $28,000.00

The MSRP on the window for the car was $32,044 + car floor mats $399.

Additional costs after the purchase:
County Property Tax $162.93
Car insurance premium for 10mos on policy: $404.10

We were able to get slightly better quotes on the same car up near Washington DC, but in the end decided it wasn't worth driving that far to get the vehicle especially with the risk of any bait and switch tactics by the dealer.

Any comparisons on minivan purchases to share?

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What's your thoughts on Odessy vs sienna?

Have you considered using TruCar to purchase your car? I heard that they are supposed to provide "hassle-free" buying experience

I was going to post a similar question regarding TrueCar. I wonder how your final price compares with what they might have offered and did you use it as a reference?

I was not aware of Truecar, but wish I had so I could check it out. A quick check online and the price they are indicating for the same car (undefined color though) is about $190 less. Would have been a good data point for negotiations.

Nice breakdown, very clear. Why did you pick this vehicle over others in a similar price range?

Toyota's are a solid car. And I would guess made in America.

And it's amazing how much tax is on a vehicle....

Why would you consider a new car instead of almost new used car? I thought it's the golden rule for all personal finance buffs that you should never buy new almost buy used. Also, did you finance or paid cash?

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