March 2015 Net Worth Update (+$5,216)

Highlights for March

  • We have earned approx $3,000 (in gift cards, points, and miles) through credit card signup bonuses in the part year. The last one I did in January and Im actively looking for some additional bonus opportunities.
  • Our properties are listed on our balance sheet based on their cost basis, not current market value. We have done this during the the real estate market highs and lows. I believe real estate is too illiquid to list based on recent sale transactions.
  • We booked a beach condo rental @ Myrtle Beach for $950 for a week in June. We normally try to take a beach vacation in September when rates are cheaper but are planning a discounted cruise for October. I still wanted to take another vacation as I need more opportunity to disconnect from work and we've opted to take in June to spread out our vacations.
  • We took 5 days in March to take our kids to visit Washington, DC. It was a nice little vacation - we used hotel points to cover the lodging and we packed lunches for our touring during the day. We spent less than $300 on the trip mainly on transportation and dinners.
  • Our spending in March continues to run a bit higher as I just haven't had the time that historically I spend trying to manage our monthly budget. At some point I will want to rein things in, but for now we are still making progress and I'm allocating my limited time elsewhere.
  • We've spent about $1,200 in March on healthcare costs and expect another $2,800+ to hit our balance sheet in April or May.
  • Otherwise it was a pretty quiet month in terms of net worth change. We did make an ETF investment (USO) with some of our cash, and continue to accelerate paydown of some of our rental mortgages with the highest interest rates (5% fixed, 4.25% variable).

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    You are getting close to your goal of $2,000,000 -congratulations. You are going to have to rename your blog!

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