July 2015 Net Worth Update (-$2,103)

Highlights for July

  • We have earned approx $3,400 (in gift cards, points, and miles) through credit card signup bonuses in the part year. I just redeemed a $475 bonus on the Barclays Travel Credit Card to help offset the final payment for our upcoming cruise vacation.
  • Our properties are listed on our balance sheet based on their cost basis, not current market value. We have done this during the the real estate market highs and lows. I believe real estate is too illiquid to list based on recent sale transactions. As a reference some recent Zillow values for our properties were: $197,166; $136,002; $300,005; and $216,831.
  • July was a relatively quiet month for us from a financial perspective.
  • We redeemed some Priority Club points for a long July 4th weekend getaway and I also had a 1 week business trip to Mexico in July that ended up being pretty much cost neutral for our budget.
  • I finished turning over the 3rd rental property this year in July. This is the first year I had to turnover 3 properties in the same year and not looking forward to doing it again due to the time demands. Hopefully we got good renters in that will hang around a while. On the plus side we did get to bump up the rent on all 3 properties this year.
  • At the end of July I made an incremental investment in Fairfax Financial as it dipped and our investment portfolio monthly return (0.28%) was very poor compared to our benchmark 2.14%.

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