June 2016 Net Worth update (+7,831)

Highlights for June

  • June has been a busy month for us, a Carpe Diem kind of month to me. Overall spending has been up as we try to make the most of summer.
  • I handed the keys over to a property manager on June 6th for one of our recently vacated rental properties.We will see how long it takes to get up and running. Im hoping in 3-4 weeks it will be rented and income flowing. For now we are going to be taking an upfront income hit in June/July as we transition.
  • Our annual corporate bonuses were paid out in June which helped with some of our cash growth.
  • In the beginning of June I took the family on a weekend road trip to visit my alma mater (VA Tech) using some hotel points. Family had a good time hiking to a local waterfall and enjoying some of the local college dives.
  • I spent the last 2 weeks of June on a business trip in Europe and flew my wife out on airline miles to meet me at the end of the trip to spend 5 days in Vienna, Austria. My in-laws have agreed to watch our kids while we are away which has been an amazing gift for us. I was hoping Brexit might have helped us more, but its still not inexpensive in Vienna. Overall we have had a great trip and would love to go back sometime.

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