September 2017 Net Worth Update (+$40,835)

Highlights for September

  • September was a fantastic month with a huge gain on paper, our net worth is up $40k. Feels good to see such growth, but it does remind me of one thing my grandfather would remind me of growing up about the stock market - "The higher it goes, the lower it falls".
  • We have booked a Disney vacation for the beginning of October, our expenses are up as we prepaid for some vacation expenses by buying discounted gift cards. I'll post more about our trip later.
  • In early September I threw my wife a surprise birthday party. It was a ton more prep work than I anticipated and it was more expensive than I originally planned, partially because I waited to the last minute for with a lot of the planning. I learned my lesson and doubt I will try that again ;-).
  • Otherwise September was a pretty quiet month for us. I didn't do any business travel in September which was a nice break and good for the wallet.
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