2013 Passive Income: Dividends

Here is a summary of our 2013 dividend income. This passive income comes from our taxable stock portfolio that is included in our monthly investment reviews. All retirement investment holdings are excluded from this dividend income summary. This passive income is an important part of our financial freedom plan.

Our dividend income grow by 11% in 2013. If you look at our taxable stock portfolio yield - our investment portfolio was valued at $241,451 at the end of 2013 and we roughly have a 1.71% dividend yield on our overall taxable portfolio (including non-dividend paying investments).

Our current financial plan includes $5-6,000 in annual dividend income to support our living expenses. If our dividend income continues to grow at 10%+ each year; this passive income should be exceeding $7,000/year in 6+/- years. Looks good to me!

Also see our 2012 Dividends, 2011 Dividends, and 2010 Dividends posts to see how our approach to dividend investing has evolved over the years.

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It would be useful if you can also include how much dividend each company gives maybe in percentages in brackets next to stock name.

I think kids can earn up to 1k of passive income per year taxed independently of their parents tax bracket. Have you thought about shifting ownership to your kids to minimize taxes?

Too bad you owned the stocks in 2009 that cut dividends. You would of all ready hit your goal by now.

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