Signed up for the HSBC Online Savings Account

I received a flyer in the mail yesterday from HSBC for an offer to sign up for their Online Savings Account currently yielding 3.75% APY that included a $25 bonus. Since it is .25% higher than Emigrant-Direct (my main savings account) I decided to give it a try.

Highlights from the offer:
-Offer expires October 31, 2005 (Note: If I remember correctly I saw on the web site that the offer expires September 30, 2005, not sure which is true)
-No monthly fees, no minimum term
-Open an account with as little as $1
-Free transfers
-Free HSBC ATM card (these seemed handy to me, no need to transfer money to my checking account before I can get to cash)
-$25 will be deposited in account within 45 days of account opening
Link to offer

I signed up last night for my account. I was able to do everything online and link it to my Emigrant-Direct account for my initial deposit. I was a bit disappointed because the web site looked like it did pull my credit file as it asked my questions about other accounts I have, not sure why a savings account needs a credit check.

This will be my 3rd online savings account. I also have accounts with Emigrant-Direct (3.50%) and ING Direct (3.30%).

I'll post a follow up when I confirm I received my bonus money from HSBC.

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DATE: 4:26 PM
I recently signed up for the HSBC Online Savings Bank, but didn't notice any codes/links for signing bonuses :-(. (It didn't show up in your link either). I don't think their credit inquiry affects your score...although I didn't understand why they needed a credit report anyway.HSBC is super secure (which is good and bad). If you lose your PIN or need it reset, they only do it by mail and that takes DAYS. :-(.

DATE: 4:10 PM
Thanks - yeah I noticed I STILL dont have access to my account online - I think they are sending me a PIN via snail mail. As for the $25 bonus - I didn't see it on the link either, but if you click the "Apply Now" button the $25 bonus should be on the next page (at least it was for me).

DATE: 10:56 PM
Look like balance transfer "stoozing" is catching on in the USA (it's a very popular way to make a few dollars in the UK.) Hopefully, the interest-free periods here in America will stay in the 6-15 month range. IMO, interest-free periods that are less than 6 months are not worth the effort, and can cause serious problems with your credit rating.

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