Tracking My Progress

I am trying to determine the best/easiest way to report my monthly progress. I would like to report a easy to create net worth chart with assests & liabilities, etc. I would also like to have it similar to other blogger's monthly reports for easy benchmarking.

I mainly follow 2 personal finance blogs that I benchmark myself with:
-PFBlog - Example Monthly Report
-Captures monthly highlights
-Great snapshot, contains alot of info, very concise
-Lots of similarities between myself and MM (both work for tech companies, same age, etc) so I think closer benchmarking to him would be more benefical

-MM accounting methods differ somewhat from mine -he uses more of an accrual accounting method - I like to take the path of least resistance for now (more cash method) so benchmarking isn't may not be apples to apples (but it should be pretty close).
-Monthly report looks like it will be a much bigger hassle to put together thus more prone to not reporting in a timely manner, etc.

-MyMoneyBlog - Example Monthly Report
-Simpler reporting
-Reporting may be too simple and not give enough detail for me

I will have to think about this......

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