Free I-Watch Investing Tool

A co-worker of mine pointed me to this free I-Watch Investing Tool on the Lycos web site today. This tool provides insight into institutional buying and selling on individual stocks.

Check out this chart of IBM from the last week of trading created by the I-Watch tool:

The chart shows institutional offers to "buy" and "sell" messages through the trading day (or whatever time period you select).

Besides the "wow" factor of getting to see this info, what benefit might this have?

From a buy and hold perspective, not much. This only really gives you insight into the short term price movements of stocks and their support levels.

However from a market timing perspective, I think this could be a valuable tool. This tool could give you indications of support levels provided by institutions. For instance with this chart of IBM, at quick glance you can get an indication of recent institution buying support for the stock around $80.00-$80.75 and institution selling at levels just below $82.00.

I think I will stick this link in my collection of research tools. If I plan to make an investment through my broker, I might refer to it so I can place a limit offer on the stock right near the recent support levels.

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