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With all the new visitors that have stopped by this blog recently I thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of the basics of this blog.

1) Reads this blog's disclaimer.

2) This blog is a record of my journey to financial freedom. I have defined this goal as a net worth of $2 million plus the value of my primary residence. I figure with $2 million in investable assets I should be financially comfortable and able to pursue my passions whenever I want to.

3) This blog is a discussion. I love dialog so please feel free to comment on anything related to personal finance. I try to update the blog several times a week as my schedule permits.

4) Also be sure to check out other personal finance bloggers in the pf blogging community - I have a list of links to some of my favorites on the right hand side of the page.

5) Take a look at this guide to 2millionblog to dive in.

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DATE: 4:10 PM
Great blog. You have a number of great examples of "micro saving" projects on your blog ($10 gift cards, surveys, etc.) Have you thought about turning that Wachovia checking account into an interest-bearing account such as that offered by Presidential Bank (an example)? It would add more passive income that could become a pretty big number after years of compounding.

DATE: 4:45 PM
hey, Great site. Have you try or any of your readers try Morningstar.com where they rate the stock and assigns star rating based on valuation and the current price. Anybody wants to comment on the site?

DATE: 4:57 PM
My long term goals are very similiar. I calculated my expense in the future and it I also need 2 million to retire comfortably in retirement. The 2 million is adjusted for inflation.

DATE: 9:35 PM
Inflation should always be a key focus on gaining and maintaining wealth -- don't forget, in 25 years $2 million will need to be $4.2 million, adjusted for inflation.

DATE: 7:54 AM
Have you read "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make Big Difference", by Malcolm Gladwell?You are a Maven.I just read about your blog in Business week. I have started a blog recently so I am interested in what other people are blogging about. My content is dramatically different than yours, but that's what makes the blog tapestry so colourful i guess.Check me out at http://mediablog.mail2web.com/tblog if you like.I have a problem budgeting my money, but i just moved from a $1200/month apartment into a $850/month apartment. I'm in debt and trying to get out of it...Do you actually have time to read all of these comments????

DATE: 1:55 PM
tblogger,Believe it or not I read everything, and try to follow up on as much as I can. Sounds like you have made the right move by changing to a cheaper apartment - my advice is just make sure you are somehow saving the difference. Its easy to spend it on something else ;-).as follow ups to the rest of the comments:I haven't looked at switching checking accounts yet to add some extra income. Just the hassle of switching all the accounts that are linked to my checking account seemed like too much of a headache when there has been easier "micro saving" projects. Although that doesn't mean I won't get to it eventually.....As far as my $2 million goal and inflation you are right on the money. Inflation changes the true value of my net worth, however I still have to hit at least a $2 million net worth at some point along the way so I think its a good goal for me. Hopefully sooner rather than later. When I get a chance I'll create a post/wider discussion on this.

DATE: 12:36 AM
Very impresive 2million. I am sure you will do better this year. I recently have come to the point that I now try to make a conscious effort to save. I am very aggressively paying my debt down and once I am in the black again I will start documenting it in my blog. www.nycmuser.blogspot.com

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