How Much Money Does a 29yr Old Man Drink Away?

Well I don't exactly have the answer, but going through my 2005 receipts, I decided it would be interesting to try and total the amount I spent on beer. This turns out to be a nearly impossible task due to 1) missing receipts, 2) I don't buy all the beer I drink, 3) I only sometimes get the itemized receipts from restaurants.

Regardless, from all my 2005 receipts that I didn't misplace, I spent at least $289.66 on beer for home consumption in 2005. By the way this doesn't include wine or liquor.




$ 28.86


$ 40.38


$ 7.48


$ 42.21


$ 27.95


$ -


$ 8.12


$ -


$ 44.36


$ 33.13


$ 24.58


$ 32.59


$ 289.66

I know its not completely accurate because there are a few months that I didn't have any receipts for beer purchase (which doesn't sound like me). So I decided to ignore months that had only 1 or no beer purchases which results in 8 months for a total of $274.05 or an average of $34.25 for these months. This average would suggest I spend more like $411.08/yr on beer.

So based on this I would guess my annual beer spend (grocery only, this does not include restaurants or bars) is somewhere between $289.66-$411.08.

Ouch, what an expensive habit and a good reason why I hold Budweiser stock.

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DATE: 11:03 AM
This is too funny!I know I spend a lot on beer too (my wife is constantly reminding me), but have only done rough calculations of the cost...i.e. average about 3 6-packs a month (probably low) is about $216 a year...doesn't include alcohol for special occasions.Anyway, you're right, it winds up being a lot of money for those of us who must imbibe the sweet nectar of grains and hops...Of course I can rationalize it much is your SANITY worth?!! For me it looks like about 3 six packs a month!:)

DATE: 9:34 PM
Somehow "the beer factor" doesn't have the same ring to it as "the latte factor".

DATE: 1:57 PM
Way too much alcohol is bought by cash for me to track this with any accuracy. At least it gets less and less every year. The problem is, my gut keeps growing!I hold BUD too =) Mainly b/c they bought a share in Red Hook. Mmm. I think the new Bud Select beer is going to tank though. C'mon BUD, get some new ideas!!

DATE: 8:33 PM
At least you're not in Canada, where a 24 is $32 = $384/year.

DATE: 4:14 PM
You need to drink more Busch, as their stock has dropped 15% in the last year.

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