A Better Look At My Credit Score

Part of the mortgage package I got from the lender included my credit report that was used as part of my application. This was the first time I have ever seen all three of my credit scores at the same time. It also included key factors with each score that adversely affected my credit score:

Equifax 740
-Proportion of balances to credit limits is too high on bank revolving or other revolving accounts
-Time since most recent account opening is too short
-Amount owed on revolving accounts is too high
-Too many inquiries last 12 months

Experian 733
-Proportion of balance to high credit on bank revolving or all revolving accounts
-Length of time accounts have been established
-Too many accounts recently opened
-Too many inquiries last 12 months

Transunion 728
-Proportion of balances to credit limits is too high on bank revolving or other revolving accounts
-Number of established accounts
-Amount owed on revolving accounts is too high
-Too many accounts with balances
-Number of inquiries adversely affected the score

On the surface I am satisfied - my scores are high enough to qualify me for the best rates, but this it is also very enlightening.

All the credit agencies indicated that the number of credit inquiries and the proportion of the balances to my credit limits negatively affected my score.

At the time this report was generated I had 2 0% balance transfers outstanding:
Card #1: $11,858/$16,200 [73% utilized]
Card #2: $15,164/$18,500 [82% utilized]

Since both of these 0% balance transfers are about 11 months old, its interesting to see their effect still lingers on the credit scores, but not too significantly.

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DATE: 4:49 PM
wow! the know everything but still pretty high in my book..By the way whatever happened to the new score system I heard they were going to use..

DATE: 1:08 PM
Hi! i just came across this article on Adding Tradelines And Other Ways To Improve Your Credit Score . This might help! Good day!

Those inquiries really seem to have taken a toll. How many total inquiries were there in all? Could you notice that the score really dropped about 5 points with each inquiry?

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