Get Multiple $50 Sharebuilder Bonuses

I have been able to confirm that you can take advantage of multiple Sharebuilder promotion codes for the same person for more free investments.

I established a Sharebuilder account last year with a free $50 bonus and have been happy with it to date. I also consolidated my holdings from my Etrade account to my Sharebuilder account because I was so satisfied with the account.

Recently I decided to see if I could take advantage of other Sharebuilder promotion codes to earn free bonuses. After all, Sharebuilder currently has no account fees or maintenance fees in its Basic Plan, so you can just fund the account with $50, invest it and earn a $50 bonus, then take that money back out of your account so you net a free $50 investment. If you buy the right investment, you could set it up and forget about it for 20yrs.

I have been able to sign up for a total of 3 accounts for different $50 bonuses for each account.

Here step by step instructions:
Step #1: Go to Sharebuilder and click on the "Get Started Today button".
Step #2: Select your account type (I have only selected Individual Account so far) and then click "Get Started".
Step #3: Select "No I don't have an account" and fill out the owner information and username/password information. Click "Next".
Step #4: Fill out the rest of the form. Click "Next" to fill out second form. Under Promotion Code enter one of the promotion codes listed below.
Step #5: Select "Sharebuilder Basic Account" (Don't select Standard or Advantage as those programs have monthly fees).
Step #6: Deposit $50 from your checking account, Fund your account with an Electronic funds deposit from savings or checking account .
Step #7: Enroll in a one-time purchase plan for $50 is whatever security you want. If you don't have any investment ideas, consider a Index ETF such as Vanguard's Total Stock Market ETF (VTI).
Step #8: Wait, bonus money is usually deposited in 3-6 weeks.

Current Sharebuilder Promotion Codes that I am aware of:
Promotion CodeAmount

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DATE: 3:09 PM
So do you have 3 seperate accounts or one account where the 3 promotions were used.Don't they ask for SSN and address and check against that ? If you do have 3 seperate accounts aren't you lying when you say you don't have an existing account ? Just curious

DATE: 5:55 PM
Yes you need to open seperate accounts to take advantage of the promotions. When it asks if you have a seperate account it is basically asking if you want to link this account with your existing account (which I don't) so that they are under the same username/password.

DATE: 6:01 PM
Wow I just might do this.. I am looking to start investing in the markets... just don't know where... I want to be a value investor.

DATE: 1:47 AM
This post has been removed by the author.

DATE: 1:49 AM
i have read that at some point, some people have had their "extra" accounts closed once share builder became aware of the multiple bonuses. this has been in the minority of cases from what i can tell, but it thought it was worth for starting to invest, it can never be too early. educate yourself. read. and then do it some more.

DATE: 9:31 PM
Pyroracing, a friend of mine once asked me a bunch of questions about how to start investing and I summarized my responses in the FAQ section of my website. Thought you might find it interesting, Sharebuilder, their "real-time" trades at $15.95 for market orders and $19.95 for limit orders are way too expensive. Check out this line "All sales of stock are made real-time and are subject to real-time commissions." in the fine print on the Fee Schedule page of Sharebuilder. prefer the $5 trades that Ameritrade Izone offers without any restrictions. You do require a $5,000 minimum balance to start an Izone account.

DATE: 12:38 AM
I have an Ameritrade iZone account --- but the problem with them is that they don't reinvest dividends for free. That's why I have a Sharebuilder account to hold all my dividend producing stocks. Plus, the commissions at Sharebuilder are next to nothing as long as you are investing for the long-term.

DATE: 12:25 PM
I agree - I don't plan on using my Sharebuilder account for any real-time trading. I am only planning on using it to hold my long term/dividend-reinvesting holdings, which I would guess is what most people do.

DATE: 1:26 PM
I would like to invest in GE I want to do 1000 dollars. I am at the stage where it asks you what stock and how much.. I entered how much and now it asks if I want to do it monthly weekly or just one time... I am going to do it one time.. Now I add funds into my account correct.There is no hidden fees is there?

DATE: 2:18 PM
so when i buy my $50 in stock do i order $46 to account for my commission or do they just bill my linked checking account?i use izone as well and really like it.

DATE: 10:32 AM
I had the same problem - look at my posts on my 1st investment in Sharebuilder - the short answer is they end up taking the $4 right out of the amount you set fo the investment. So if you schedule a $50 for a stock, they will deduct $50, remove the $4 purchase fee, then invest the $46 remaining.

DATE: 3:38 PM
Thank you. Very cool of you to answer my question. Both yourself and your blog are appreciated.

DATE: 8:38 PM
Think I could open a Roth IRA with these codes if I already have an investment account?Danielle

DATE: 11:50 PM
OK I looked in to it- no Roths, but I can establish individual accts for myself, DH, daughter and twin boys! (We currently have a joint acct and ESA's for the kids with sharebuilder) so I am game! $250 free sounds good to me!Thanks again for posting thisDanielle

DATE: 8:39 PM
That sounds like a great idea. A free $50 bucks never hurt anyone. I have been reading about these promotions on other blogs and think it is about time I took advantage of it.

DATE: 12:54 PM
In order to take advantage of the $4.00 under the BASIC plan; do I have to make the automatic withdrawal from my bank account or can this be a one time deal?

DATE: 10:16 AM
Hi , do you know if Sharebuilder is open to italian citizen? Thanks . Federico.

I just opened a second account using coupon code GIFT50 from what I could tell it is allowing the code, we will see in 3-6 weeks when the bonus is deposited.

When I tried to tell them I did not have an account, after I filled in my information it came back and told me that I already had an account, so I had to "Link" the accounts. I expected the code to not work at this point but to my suprize, they accepted the code (It said the code was accepted). We will see in three to six weeks.

I am hopin gto do this maybe 4 times per year, then merge the accounts. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks fo rthe information and the GREAT web site.


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