Merging Sharebuilder Accounts

Previous my wife and opened multiple Sharebuilder accounts to take advantage of the bonus money offered with the accounts (Sharebuilder review). While they might not be a service for everyone who is investing, taking advantage of their offer for free money was a no brainer for us.

I even transfer some stock holdings into my Sharebuilder account from the DRIP plan because there were no fees in the Sharebuilder account for dividend reinvestment.

Now between my wife and I we have at least 4 Sharebuilder accounts several of which have between $50-$100 of stock in the accounts. This has been a pain to track so I decided to look into what my options were to simplify the account maintenance.

Apparently I am not the only one interested in this. On Sharebuilder's website there is a form to merge Sharebuilder accounts. All I had to do was print the form, fill it out with the 2 Sharebuilder account numbers I want to merge and get a signature guarantee on the form from our local bank. Then I faxed the form to Sharebuilder and the accounts were merged within 4 days. Straight forward, no fees, and helps reduce the number of accounts I need track.

I am thinking I will merge all of our accounts into 1 single Sharebuilder account (maybe I will open 1 more joint account to take advantage of another bonus offer).

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once you "merge" the accounts, if you choose to close the account the funds are coming from do the accounts still appear in your account list? i am not really using my two individual accounts any more, but i would love to eliminate one of my accounts from my list.

Depends on how much granularity you need. Obviously for such small accounts, you might as well merge them into a single account, but once you start heavily investing with them, you will probably want to seperate again to track/control different shares.

I've been wanting to do this, thanks for the info.

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