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I was in Target this week and noticed they had Pepsi products (4) 12 packs for $10. If you bought (4) 12 packs you also got a $5 Target gift card. As long as you treated the $5 gift card like cash (instead of free money like some people I know) then you can get these 12 packs for $1.25 apiece.

$1.25 is the cheapest I have ever seen for 12 packs of brand name soda. For a benchmark, Wal-Mart brands sodas typically sell for $1.88-$2.00 for a 12 pack.

Immediately I knew this was as cheap as I was going to get soda (in 12oz cans) for. I am a regular diet soda drinker - consuming on average about (1) 12 pack a week. Since I am in NY till the end of the year, I knew I could buy at least (11) 12 packs to cover me till the end of my assignment.

So as I was preparing to start stocking up when I noticed that the Diet Pepsi "Jazz" 12 packs also contained $0.50 coupons on the cartons- for a net $0.75 a 12 pack! Naturally, I picked up all they had available.

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That's by far the cheapest I've seen brand name soda. I usually stock up like you did whenever I find brand names for $2.00 a twelve pack. In between those sales, I will stock up on the Wal-Mart brand.

That's cheap, we had a similar thing at a store chain in the Toronto area, 6 packs of the big Coke bottles for $2. Most convinence stores charge close to that amount per bottle.

Great post... i recommend you also read

Definitely the chepaest I have ever seen - but got a couple cracks at work this week for drinking "Jazz" soda. I suspect this will not be a long term offering by Pepsi. ;-)

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