Interview on Money Blogger Podcast

Scott over at Money Bloggers Podcast recently interviewed me for his podcast series.

If you haven't listened to all his previous interviews, be sure to dig into the archives. I recently listened to all of them - good stuff.

Its very weird hearing my own voice, and I can now attest to Scott's editing abilities :-). Well done!

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This is awesome. Always good to find some one who is on a similar journey. I look forward to learning from your posts. Also you are going in my blogroll :)

Congratulations on the interview ;)
You make some good points
- Setting goals
- Establish behaviors
- Benefits of reviewing your net worth and explaining your progress, helps to plan and compensate for your goals.
- Understand that this is a learning process to become financially free

On another level, hearing you speak about your blog really brought a "human, personal" level to your blog. It's inspiring that you are doing so well but a bit disheartening when I realize how much I am struggling LOL. I guess that's why mine says "1 Million if I'm lucky"...

I will be interested to see if you can continue living like a college student after's probably one of the biggest challenges to personal wealth in my opinion.

Anyway, grats again and was great to hear you speak about this topic man!

Was listening to your interview and wanted to offer suggestions on a couple cool RSS readers that you might like. The first is Feed Demon which costs about $30 and is my personal favorite. Then there is Google Reader that is free and a very nice app as well. Give them a look.

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