Why Didn't I Think of That?

Another pyramid scheme for the internet. mmmzr, created by Tadashi, has made another smart kid rich, leaving me in the dust :-).

Seth Godin, a marketing guru, has a great article about MLMs etc and why he doesn't think they are all that. Small consolation to those of us kicking ourselves again for not thinking of it first.

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I thought Ponzi/pyramid schemes were illegal.

I wonder if this really qualifies or if it's just buying "advertising."

I checked the site and clicked on buy out of curiosity and got this: "I'm afraid I'm not accepting any further orders for the time being." !!

Btw, again curiosity, how come your image in the post says " A $16384" while his current A column shows only $8192 ....may be some dudes withdrew their ads or something.

Interesting. Apparently some advertisers backed out - a couple buttons are missing.

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