Big Steps In My Race Through 2007

The year has been a whirlwind for me so far as I spend just about every free minute working on some project that helps get my house ready to rent, prepared for my China assignment, gets wedding plans in order, or work.

Here is a quick update as to where I am at with all the activities I need to complete before I leave:

1) House #1 Rental Property -- Still working on getting a lease and management company in place. I have a management company identified and the current tenants plan to sign a new year-long lease, but I have to pull them every step of the way - they are in no rush to sign since the lease wouldn't start until August. I hope to have this complete by Mid-June.

2) House #2 Primary House Converting to Rental -- I had hoped the house would be ready to rent by now, but I'm behind - hopefully in the next 2 weeks -- I'm currently putting on the finish touches. Planting additional bushes, finish painting exterior, thorough cleaning, minor staging are all that’s left before I can start showing it.

3) Moving Household -- The plan is to store almost all my furniture in a detached shed and at my fiancee's townhome. I have already started packing and throwing out as much stuff as possible. This is a activity that is heavily weighted right before I leave. Im trying to get as much done now as possible.

4) Wedding Planning -- Lucky for me my fiancee is doing about 95% of the legwork on this one. However I still need to do some things: my side of the invite list, pick out wedding rings and start registries with my fiancee, pick out tuxs, plan the honeymoon, rehearsal dinner planning with my parents, and premarital counseling with my fiancee. The invite list is in good shape. The registries, honeymoon search, and ring shopping have begun. The rest needs more attention.

5) Assignment Packing/Preparation - Visa, travel arrangements, packing, buy a larger luggage set and identifying whats needed for the next year while away. Probably the most behind here -- have spent hardly preparing for the assignment -- just everything that needs to be done at home before I go.

I have about 4 weeks left. 3 weekends are already booked up - rehearsal dinner planning, visiting wedding locations, and parent meeting one weekend, friend's wedding another weekend, and visiting grandmother the third weekend. Time is short. At this point time is alot more valuable than money -- I need to look to outsource more of my activities.

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Good luck with all the wedding stuff. It can get a bit overwhelming at times, especially with all the other things you have going on! But do try to remain relaxed ... make sure you have enough sleep and enough things off your list that for a day or two before you can do nothing other than ponder what a wonderful thing is about to happen to you, and so that on your wedding day you're awake and can absorb as much of it as possible.

Wow, talk about a full plate. But you are an inspiration because you take on alot with a plan. Attack and Destroy. Good luck with everything!

Yeah, Good luck!

Good luck with everything on your plate! One of the above activities would be enough to stree me out, but you have all five going simultaneously!

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