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Up until yesterday, I was one of the few that could say that they have never lost a piece of luggage. This is pretty rare since I always check luggage and fly pretty often all over the world for work. My lucky streak ran out yesterday as I flew back to the US for the next couple weeks for our wedding.

Here are a few tips I have learned along the way for dealing with lost luggage:

  • If there is anything you MUST have with 24hrs of arriving in your destination, don't check it
  • Don't check valuables
  • When your luggage doesn't pop out right way get in the lost luggage line quick so you don't have to wait forever. If your luggage didn't make it that usually means alot of other people's didn't make it either.
  • Ask the luggage attendent about a toilerty bag. Most airlines won't offer, but have free kits available with toothbrushes/shaving kits to help you get by over night.
  • The attendants can be a little tricky with residency questions, they may ask you if you live in the state or some other vague question. What they are really asking is are you going to your primary residence. This is because they have an allowance (usually around $25/day) that you can claim to purchase necessary items if you don't get your bags within 24hrs of arrival. They don't have to pay if you are headed to you primary residence.
  • Relax, lost luggage happens to us all. Look at it as an oppurtunity for someone to carry and deliver your bags door-to-door :-).

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I've found it is a function of how many times you have to change planes in your journey and if you have to be rescheduled to another flight. Both can cause your luggage not to show up.

That's quite true, the more transfers and planes you have to rely on the higher your chances are of losing your luggage - great tips, though.

I've been burned many times in the past two years with frequent business travel. I've learned to always carry at least one carry on bag with a minimum of 2 or 3 days worth of clothes. Nothing worse than having to pick up your bag at the airport at 5am the morning of a 9am meeting with a customer. ugh...if your bags are lost your recommendations are spot on...

Excellent points - I never knew about the toiletry kit offer - not about the destination option.
I've NEVER been offered anything regarding toiletry kits, NOR allowance.
I have had lost luggage though.
One valuable trick is to tie a ribbon around the handle of your bag - try to avoid a red ribbon on a black bag - everyone has one.
I also try to avoid black bags, but like everyone else, have many.
Most road warriors, like myself, try to gate valet their bags - you get yours first before the rest are unloaded - while others prefer to insert their bags in the cabin overhead. These options only work if the bag isn't actually lost after check-in.
The biggest challenge I have had is when I've checked the family's luggage in and we missed connections - this happens often.
I usually get a hotel voucher, except when due to weather.
Regards, makingourway

I love it when they lose my luggage. I don't have to drag it to my destination, which means i can save money by using public transportation, instead of a cab or ground transport. And they usually deliver it by the next day. It was great when they lost my luggage in Venice. It saved me dragging my big heavy suitcase through the narrow streets and over the little bridges.

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